Cusomerized nylon slider

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Nylon slider is widely applied in truck crane,And it can be produced into different sizes, shapes, to catch different truck crane requirements.

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    Introduction of Nylon slider

    Monomer casting nylon which is also called MC nylon for short, is widely used in the industrial field. It is the use of anionic polymerization reaction, the addition of a catalyst melted caprolactam monomer, under atmospheric pressure cast in various shapes of mold reaction and the formation of cast products.The molecular weight of Huafu MC nylon is as high as 0.7-1 million, 3 times that of general nylon 6, nylon 66, so its comprehensive mechanical properties are much better than other nylon materials, is one of the State Planning Commission to promote the important energy-saving materials!

    And as pioneers in truck crane area, Sany and Zoomlion, two giant mechanics manufacturers have been using Nylon slider in their products, to ensure its quality, stability and security. Many other followers also adapt nylon parts in their machines in recent years.


     Nylon Slider


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    MC nylon is widely used in place of copper and alloy for wear parts of machinery and equipment. Such as bushings.axle In the railroad, there are bushings, bushings, liner plates, gears, worm-roller copper guides, piston rings, seal rings, sliders, ball bowls, impellers, vanes, cams, nuts, valves, pipes, stuffing letters, rack and pinions, pulleys, pump rotors, couplings, mixer pulleys, valve bodies, spool gaskets, insulation sleeves, guide plates, pulleys, etc. In the railroad, there are axle box liners, sprocket spring pins, gear rings, cross-head sliding boots, rocker rods. Small end small square tile, etc., in the marine industry, there are bearings, pump bearings, pulley slider, sprockets, handle anti-electricity, seals and so on. Due to the simple process and mold structure, Haitian TMC nylon manufacturing costs are relatively low, becoming an alternative to copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PTFE and other ideal materials.

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