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Nylon elevator pulley have been used in elevator devices for decades for its merits of self-lubrication, lighter weight and protection of wire rope. Over 80% of elevator pulleys apply nylon material and can obtain more service life of the whole equipment. And as government’s more strict control on steel industry for its pollution to environment, nylon pulleys will be used more widely in elevator devices.

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And following we introduce some common specification of elevator nylon pulleys:



MC Nylon applied to Elevator pulley







Nylon pulley







Over 95% Nylon Plus 5% other ingredients


















  Elevator only

We, Huafu have been try to guide, persuade our customers to have a try of Nylon material pulleys instead of metal pulleys. Many customers have used to applying nylon pulleys after testing all statistics of nylon wheels. They should have earlier adapted nylon pulleys in our later talks to our customers. And they say their workers more like to install nylon pulleys for installing nylon pulleys reduce their labor intensity, save their working time to do more work. And they can have more rest time for installing nylon pulleys improve the whole working efficiency.

As time goes on, more and more customers begin to realize the advantages of nylon pulleys and they are more willing to try new products to improve the whole level of their products in aspects of safety, convenience, quality. And we believe that nylon pulleys will have more application in elevator industry.

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