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  • The characteristics and development of nylon slider

    Now in the mechanical selection of engineering, many will choose nylon sliders instead of metal sliders. For example, the sliders of early truck crane jibs were made of brass and are now replaced with nylon sliders. After using nylon sliders, the lifespan is increased by 4-5 times.   Nylon slider...
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  • Application of nylon slider

    As one of engineering plastics, nylon products “replacing steel with plastics, with excellent performance”, are widely used. Because of its light weight, high strength, self-lubricating, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, insulation and many other unique properties, it is a widely used e...
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  • How to maintain nylon wheels daily?

    Nylon wheel axles and rotating rolling bearings are oiled and lubricated; after installation, the axles and/or adjustable management center pins are tightened. All cleaning fluids used must not contain eroding and grinding ingredients. The customer is responsible for the proper maintenance and ac...
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  • Apply of Nylon Parts

    With the development of the world economy in recent decades, the demand for nylon products has increased dramatically. As an irreplaceable material in plastic products, nylon products have been widely used in the engineering field because of their unique advantages. Nylon (polycaprolactam) has be...
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  • Introduction of Nylon

    As an important material in the field of engineering plastics, nylon products are now widely used in machinery, automobiles, electrical equipment, and communications industries. Here, we introduce the advantages of nylon pulleys: 1. High mechanical strength; good durability; good tensile and comp...
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