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Nylon gear, as its self-advantage of light weight, easy to stall, good abrasion resistance, longer usage life. Protection of stell parts, have been used in engineering industry for nearly thirty years, and its market share is increasing for recent for its low cost and low pollution to environment.

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Nylon gear




   Nylon gear is mainly applied in machinery including almost all kinds of machines. Nylon gear can be used in textile machines to transmit power. Applying of nylon gear can protect metal gear for they work together to transmit power to drive the whole machine. Applying of nylon pulley can have self-lubrication between connecting parts, more quiet working condition, lower producing cost, longer service time and more lower cost in later maintenance. In previous years, engineers only know that transmission can only conducted by metal parts, As more and more new material begin to be invented, nylon products begin to catch people’s eyes. Nylon parts from the very beginning are applied in crane industry and the later were used in other industries to improve the whole performance of machines.

As the development of the world economy, Nylon gears have been covering more and more market share which is originally obtained by metal gears. People know that nylon gears replace metal gears in industry is the trend. Currently the usage of nylon gears may not reach half of that of metal gears, but in the near future, nylon gears will definitely catch the usage of metal gears and finally leave the usage of metal usage behind.

We huafu have been engaged in promoting to all our customers to use nylon gears in their production, And we do believe the usage of nylon gears will become more and more popular in the following years.

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