nylon rope guide designed for 10 tons crane

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Nylon guide is applied in European gourd, which is a part of crane, and Nylon guider is installed on reel for its more suitable to working environment, and it can protect wire rope from excessive wear, extend service life, reduce friction between wire rope and steel parts. Almost 90% of European gourd now adapt Nylon guider for its irreplaceable advantages.

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The following is some common type of nylon guider.


MC Nylon Guider


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Truck crane

  • Crane factory rope guider performance requirements standard

(1) The ability to enter and exit the rope without incident.

(2) The ability to press the rope reliably so that the wire rope cannot jump off the groove.

(3) The ability to move fluidly and line up ropes without disarranging them.

(4) Easy installation, disassembly and maintenance of rope guides.

(5) The rope guide shall be wear-resistant.

(6) Ensure that the steel wire rope has a certain angle of deviation in the direction of the reel axis without any interference between the ropes and the cylinder.

(7) When used in conjunction with the hoist limiters, it should be able to ensure a reliable limiting effect.

  • Advantages of nylon rope guider:

(1) Avoid winding of the wire rope to ensure the normal operation of the electric hoist.

(2) Extending the service life of wire ropes and reels.

(3) Good interchangeability and stable quality.

The new rope guides have obvious advantages over the ones in use in terms of performance, mainly in terms of.

  • Merits of Nylon guiders compared to metal guider.

(1)Rope guide device’s lead rope nut, out of the rope block using a toughness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, density, small high strength engineering plastics – casting (MC) nylon pressure molding, manufacturing process is simple. The technical performance parameters of MC nylon are as shown in the attached table.

(2)The front and rear rope guide nut of the rope guide is connected with the pin shaft, which is convenient for installation and dismantling. Out of the rope block in the direction of the rope has 10 ° oblique angle, when the wire rope tilt, because of the cast (MC) nylon has toughness, the rope guide can withstand 3 ° oblique pull.

(3) Cast type (MC) nylon density is small, has good self-lubricating and elasticity, so the weight of the rope guide is light, no wear and tear on the wire rope, can extend the life of the wire rope.

(4) H-type electric hoist H1 base type, in accordance with ZBJ80013.4-89 + wire rope electric hoist test method “for a variety of tests. When there is no hook self-weight force, the steel wire rope can be discharged freely from the rope guide in the rope outlet, and reach JB/ZQ8004-89 in the quality of superior products index; In the M4 rated load for cumulative work under 120 hours of life test, test the rope guide, in addition to the rope out of the block, press the rope wheel local wear, there is no other impact on the use of the performance of the damage.

(5)It can be used directly as the rope guide of explosion-proof electric hoist.

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